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What services do you offer?
We offer a full range of web development services, including WordPress, E-Commerce, PSD to HTML/CSS, Mobile Response Design, and PSD to Newsletter. We slice your design and code it into valid, semantic and compliant xHTML/CSS or HTML5/CSS3. We can also implement your design as a Theme for WordPress. Each page that is coded by us will be SEO friendly and compatible with ALL browsers.
How long will it take?
PSDgator offers high quality services fast. You will receive a coded page from your design, images, and “read me” instructions in just two working days.
What types of design files do you accept?
We accept almost any graphic file type from Photoshop (PSD, layered PNG, layered TIFF), Illustrator and Sketch. Also if your designs are in InDesign you can export a layered PDF.
Is it possible to get the original PSD files returned, with the sliced regions saved in Photoshop? Our project requires this for future changes.
Yes we can return the slices if required. Please don't forget to request them.
Do you offer technical support?
If you've got a problem with installation after you receive the coded page, or don't understand the instructions, you can contact us and we will do anything we can to answer and solve your problems quickly.
I would like for someone to give me a call to go over the project. Is this possible?
Yes! We are happy to call you on your landline phone, cell phone, or Skype.
I want to talk to you. What's your Skype address?
Our Skype ID is a.papamichail and our landline phones are +30 2311 251 630 and +30 2311 251 631


Do you have a money-back guarantee?
Yes. If you request a refund before we begin slicing your design, or if you're not fully satisfied with our work, we'll give you a refund.
Do you install websites?
Yes. If you provide us with the FTP details of your hosting server, then we will be happy to host it. For a Dynamic website we usually charge a nominal fee on an hourly basis.
Do you comment on your coded page?
Yes. After job is completed, you will have a well-structured and notated CSS.
Our designer lost the original PSD file. Can you work with the JPEG version?
This should not be a problem. We can slice any straightforward design image (JPG, GIF, TIF, PNG, BMP etc.) to xHTML/CSS.
Are there any specific guidelines for setting up the PSD files?
There are no special guidelines. Just organize your graphics and pages in Layers and Layer Groups and you will be okay.
How should I describe any rollovers or java in the files?
You can put the roll-overs in different, hidden Layers and describe those to your specifications. The same applies to Javascript. If, for example, you have a Slideshow, you can have multiple layers for each slide.
What would be the average turn-around time for slicing?
There may be slight variations in work time, but I will give you an example. For a regular two pages site (Homepage and Internal page) the turn-around time is two business days.


How will I pay?
PayPal is one of the best payment processors in the world, and the one we use to process your payment. Once we receive your order details, we will send you our payment address and other pertinent information.
Do you offer any discounts?
Yes. Returning customers can get up to a 10% discount on their second order. We also offer a 25% discount for each secondary page.
How can I install/update the page?
After we finish our work, you will receive a “read me” file that will contain all necessary information for installation and easy updates of your HTML pages.
Do I have to pay for the quote?
No. The quote is absolutely free.
How much would it cost to turn a homepage and subpage into a fully functional WordPress theme?
The cost depends on the complexity of the project and your needs/specifications.
I have a few finalizations on the designs, so I will be sending them to you within the next day or so. Should I pay prior to sending, or afterward?
At least 50% payment in advance is required before we start working on your project.
Will I have to request an invoice?
No, you don't have to. We will automatically send you an invoice by email.
For multiple pages of 2-3 different page designs, what would the additional cost be?
The price depends on the complexity of the pages, but a regular price would be $169 per page. We also give a 25% discount for any additional pages of the same project, so each internal page will cost $129.
Can you provide us with an estimate for an average WordPress template site?
A regular WordPress theme with two different layouts for Homepage and internal pages costs about $350-$400.


Will I have problems with certain browsers?
No. The pages that we code are compatible with ALL browsers, including Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera, Safari, and other browser types.
Will you mention your name somewhere in the code?
No. All rights will go directly to our clients. Our name won't appear in XHTML or CSS.
If I want to use a CMS, could you code my design for that?
Yes. We can slice and implement your design as a Theme for WordPress. For more information PSD to WordPress.
I need some WordPress plugins my theme uses to be customized based on its look and feel. Can you do that?
YYes. We can customize your WordPress plugin based on your theme look and feel. This is a highly customized service, so you will need to contact us first. For more information PSD to WordPress.
How intensive can my Javascript requests be, what effects do you cover, and what frameworks do you support?
We can do almost everything in Javascript, from drop-down menus to jQuery image slideshows, effects and applications, plus bespoke requests. Whatever you have in mind, we probably have you covered. For more information PSD to HTML.
What if I have a site with lots of similar pages? How do multiple-page designs work? What would a 10-page project cost, for example?
As an example, if you need ten pages that are comprised of two main templates (one for the homepage and one for secondary pages) we would charge $169 for each template. Then, depending on the level of customization for the pages that will use the same template as a foundation, we will charge on a page-by-page basis, but no more than $74 per page. If, for example, some pages require jQuery functionality, we will quote you a price before going ahead with the project.
Can you embed SWF Flash files on my pages?
Sure we can. And to ensure that you are 100% W3C compliant, we use JavaScript to embed SWF files (swfobject).
I have no idea what the software implementation and advanced options are. I just need this PSD file converted to HTML.
Don't worry about it! If you find the process on the order page confusing, you can just attach your PSD file and send it to and tell us what to do. We will quote the project and send you a PayPal invoice for the payment.
Do you also do content updating? I have the new content in DOC/PDF format and I want you to place it on my website.
Yes. If you provide us with the content, we will add the content to the page - $20/page.
Will your code work with IE6? Do you use hacks for IE6?
We never use CSS hacks for IE6. Your code will be tested for IE6 and it will work perfectly. We only use "conditional comments" ([if IE 6]) in separate CSS files if this is necessary.
I have 5-6 different roll-over states for links on the page. Are these included in the fee?
All (CSS only) of the rollovers you need are included for the same price.
Do you implement Javascript effects like rollovers, etc? If so, is there an extra fee for this?
Yes we can implement any Javascript effect or features using regular Javascript or jQuery.
Do you support any CSS framework like 960 grid system, Blueprint or Twitter Bootstrap?
Yes we do, but your design must follow the guidelines for them. For more information PSD to HTML.
Can you convert a static site into WordPress?
Yes we can.
Do you slice email templates with compatibility for major email clients? Specifically Outlook 2007?
We can convert your newsletter design to a fully working HTML newsletter that will be compatible with all the major email clients including Outlook Express/2000/2003/2007.
I've send a Homepage and Internal page design. Will I get the standard HTML/CSS styles by default, or do I have to request them?
You will receive a standard psd html style template that a designer can fill out to show paragraph spacing, h1, h2, h3, links, lists, etc. This way, it gets included in the markup assignment. When HTML is created as a template to use in a CMS, everything works smoothly. Of course, this would just be a template. You may also want to set up a resource library of psd styles that designers can implement in their designs. You would have a majority of the css already scanned and ready for action.