Front-endweb development

We follow all the latest web development trends and our code is always handcrafted and done with care. Send us your design in any format and you recieve a pixel perfect and high quality result!


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    HTML/CSS Frameworks

    HTML5/CSS3 frameworks

    Front-end frameworks let you hit the ground running when developing a new website, specify your choice and we can build your project in your prefered framework.

    • Bootstrap 4
    • Foundation
    • Bulma
    • Material Design Lite
    • Semantic UI

    ... and many more


    CSS Preprocessors

    CSS always had a few flaws as a language and Preprocessors are here to make it a little smarter!

    We support the following preprocessors:
    SASS/SCSS and Less.

    Advantages using a preprocessor:

    • Makes your code easier to maintain
    • Saves time
    • CSS is a lot more organised
    • Many frameworks are built on top of preprocessors

    CSS Architecture

    Organization, order and modularity are a success key when dealing with CSS and this is why CSS architecture systems have grown in popularity.

    We support the following CSS architectures:

    • BEM
    • OOCSS


    Our Javascript and jQuery developers are ready to help you to make your website more interactive and improve the overall user experience.

    • CSS manipulations and animations with Javascript
    • Various interactive effects
    • Custom plug-ins
    • Ajax forms with complex data validatio
    • Integration with many API such as Google Maps, Facebook, etc

    Some of the libraries / frameworks we enjoy using:

    jQuery / jQuery UI / Modernizr / Moment.js / Math.js / Slick.js / Owl carousel / Accounting.js / jQuery validation / etc


    Build tools / tasks automation

    Modern javascript automation tools can make your development workflow more automated and release you from all the boring repeated tasks you have to make like minify,validate, css preprocessor compile, tests, optimize images and many more.

    We usually use for these tasks the following tools:
    Grunt and Gulp



      If you want to provide to your visitors a good way to navigate and interact with your site we can make your HTML code as semantic as possible, so that the code is easy to understand for visitors and screen readers.

      We can follow all the latest technical specifications, guidelines and techniques to make your website more accessible.


    Microformats and Schema

    Microformats and Schema are tools for the Semantic Web and are used to enrich your content and make it more visible and understandable for search engines.

    There are lots of different microformats, ranging from very fundamental types of information like contacts, locations to the slightly more specific like events and reviews.


    Page speed optimize

      Is page speed one your first priorities and you want to achieve the maximum possible score in PageSpeed Insights? We will optimize images, CSS, HTML, Javascript with all the latest techniques available in order to improve loading times and the overall user experience.

      If you wan’t to achieve the ultimate 100/100 score in Google Page Speed we are here to help!

    What’s included for $169

    • Responsive HTML/CSS
    • W3C compliant markup
    • Well commented markup
    • SEO-friendly markup
    • Optimized for all the mobile devices
    • Cross-browser/cross device compatibility
    • Speed optimized markup
    • Pixel perfect
    Personal Approach

    Personal approach to each client

    Project support

    30 days of project support

    QA process

    QA process

    Project Estimation

    up to $3,000 budget

    For all the projects up to $3,000 in budget we deliver the quote within one business day after reviewing your designs and specs.

    up to $20,000 budget

    For all the projects up to $20,000 in budget we deliver the quote within one/two business days after reviewing your designs and specs.