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$169 homepage and $129 subpage (2 days turnaround)

  • High quality markup
  • Conversion available from PSD,AI,PNG
  • 100% handcoded from expert developers
  • Really fast delivery times & highly competitive prices.
  • 100% Customer satisfaction
  • Additional pages up to 25% discount.
  • Existing customers get up to 10% discount
  • Best price/quality ratio
  • Money back guarantee
  • 24/7 Online Support (Skype, email, phone)

Basic features you get for 99$

W3C compliant markup

Well commented markup

SEO-friendly markup

Cross-browser/cross device compatibility

Speed optimized markup

Pixel perfect

Responsive Designs!...for an extra $70

What we can also offer:

HTML5/CSS3 frameworks

We can build your project in your prefered framework

  • Twitter bootstrap
  • HTML5 Boilerplate
  • Foundation
  • Blueprint
  • HTML5 Kickstart
  • Gumby

..and many more

Responsive technologies

We can convert your html to responsive whether you have designs for smaller devices or not.

If you have specific designs for desktop/tablet/mobile view you are going have a result exactly like your designs. If you only have designs for the desktop view don’t worry, you can describe it and we can adjust your design for tablet/mobile based on our experience!

And of course we offer 100% compatibility with all the latest versions of iOS/Android/Windows mobile devices.

Retina support

We can offer retina support in order your website to look extremely sharp in every hi-res screen.

SVG support

Support for images with multiple versions based on screen resolution


Our Javascript and jQuery developers are ready to help you to make your website more interactive and improve the overall user experience.

Our Javascript web development services include:

  • CSS manipulations and animations with Javascript
  • Various interactive effects such as : Rollovers,drop down menus, custom buttons, carousels, sliders, charts, scrollers etc.
  • Custom plug-ins
  • Ajax forms with complex data validation.
  • Integration to your site of many web services though their API like Google Maps, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc.

Some scripts we enjoy using:

  • jQuery / jQuery UI
  • Velocity.js
  • GSAP
  • Raphael
  • Modernizr
  • jQuery Cycle 2
  • Bxslider
  • Owl carousel
  • Caroufredsel
Custom scroll
  • scrollpane
  • nicescroll
  • jQuery Form Plugin
  • jQuery Validation Plugin


Parallax website design is the concept of a single continual page made from several layers and with the help of javascript and some cool effects engage your clients.

  • Give your design the WOW factor
  • Lead traffic to specific call to action
  • Get your clients engaging with your website
  • Storyboard your content with interactivity

You can send us your designs and a short description of how you imagine the scrolling animations and we can implement whatever parallax animation you need!


Microformats and Schema

With the help of microformat that is a web-based approach to a semantic markup, which allows the re-use of existing HTML and Xhtml tags to convey metadata. Greater consistency is seen with the help of this service.


Advanced page speed optimize

Is page speed one your first priorities and you want to achieve the maximum possible score in PageSpeed Insights? We will optimize images, CSS, HTML, Javascript with all the latest techniques available in order to improve loading times and the overall user experience.

Advanced web technologies

We embrace all the latest technologies in web development and we’ll be happy to use them to your next project.

Advanced Javascript solutions

With the rise of HTML5 related technologies, Javascript has become one of the most important programming languages today. We work with the latest Javascript frameworks to offer you the best possible result for your Javascript application.

CSS Preprocessors

CSS always had a few flaws as a language and Preprocessors are here to make it a little smarter!

We support the following preprocessors:
SASS/SCSS and Less.

Advantages using a preprocessor:
1. Makes your code easier to maintain
2. Save time
3. CSS more organised
4. Use of frameworks built on top of preprocessors.

Grunt and tasks automation

Grunt and javascript automation tools can make your development workflow more automated and release you from all the boring repeated tasks you have to make like minify,validate, css preprocessor compile, test, optimize images and many more.

CSS3 animations

Animation is a big part in modern web design and nowadays the browser support for CSS3 animations is rather good and with the rise of mobile internet we can seize all the advantages CSS3 animations can offer.

CSS3 animations make use of GPU acceleration and achieve higher FPS which makes the website feel lighter and more responsive and this more important especially in mobile browsers. Also we avoid reflows and redraws with CSS3 animations which cause the browser to significantly performance drop.